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You will never want to take off this ultra-soft, breathable, and fashionable VISION Sweatshirt. Made of a durable and soft cloth, this hoodie is versatile and stylish. Choose from a variety of different colors to find the perfect match for your style and wardrobe.

There are so many colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. You can mix and match this VISION Sweatshirt with anything you want. Our hoodies are soft, warm, and breathable, making the VISION Sweatshirt perfect for chilly nights and indoor activities. The best part is it is easy to match with everything in your closet!


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About AMP

AMP (founded: October-November 2019), is an American content group that focuses on IRL challenges and gaming known for IRL challenges and gaming challenges.

The members of the group are:

Kai Cenat, Davis, Roberto (JustFanum), Duke Dennis, Din Muktar (Agent 00), Chris.

AMP was originally founded by Agent 00 in 2019. Kai Cenat was the last member to join the group in mid-2020.

While AMP is an acronym for the phrase "Any Means Possible," many people confuse the meaning for "Apply More Pressure," which commonly gets adopted interchangeably by the members of AMP.

In the video titled, "AMP Road Trip", the members of AMP answered a fan question on if they had to choose one person to join AMP, who that person would be. Below is a list of names that were considered:

Flight, he is friends with the whole of AMP.

JiDion, located out of Houston, Texas, is close friends with the whole of AMP.

Bruce, located out of Atlanta, is one of AMP's earliest frequent collaborators. He is close friends with the whole of AMP. And he is best friends with Kai. He is a member of the YouTube gaming organization, OTK.

YourRAGE, located out of Broward, Florida, is close friends with the whole of AMP. And he is best friends with Kai.

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